5 #Ingredient #Creamy #Southwest #Chicken #Alfredo

5-Ingredient Creamy Southwest Chicken Alfredo
5 #Ingredient #Creamy #Southwest #Chicken #Alfredo

5 #Ingredient #Creamy #Southwest #Chicken #Alfredo

I love one pot pastas. They make dinnertime so smooth in my house due to the fact they don’t use a dozen of different dishes and pots and pans to prepare and that they’re commonly certainly quick to make.

Also, like this five-ingredient creamy chicken alfredo, they don’t require a ton of substances, or bizarre random matters that i don’t commonly have available already.

This 5-component creamy hen alfredo is absolutely a pantry meal for me. I continually have pasta in my pantry and it's miles quite uncommon that i don’t have rotel in there as nicely. Chicken, cilantro, cream, and cheese also are on my weekly buying listing due to the fact they’re flexible and can upload a whole lot of flavor to the only of meals.

Pantry food are brilliant because i suppose they assist hold the budget on target because you’re counting on easy, simple components to prep a meal. Pasta can really assist stretch a meal (and a small quantity of meat) a long way.

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