#French #Onion #Chicken #Casserole

French Onion Chicken Casserole
#French #Onion #Chicken #Casserole

#French #Onion #Chicken #Casserole

Simply 10 mins of prep time and you've a scrumptious creamy concoction of chook, celery, and cheese topped with crispy fried onions! French onion bird casserole becomes a new favorite dinner!

If you assume you don’t like casseroles, then you definately probably simply haven’t tried the proper one… we've numerous favored fowl casseroles, like a bird crescent roll casserole, chook and broccoli casserole, and this recipe!

I really don’t like being a choosy eater, however i am. Sure, it’s authentic… i'm able to’t stand onions. They gross me out. But, having stated that i in reality like french fried onions… maybe the reality they’re breaded and fried makes them k. 😉

This next recipe i’m sharing is crowned off with those scrumptious french fried onions and filled with all sorts of goodness like chicken, cheese, sour cream, mayo and almonds. It's miles scrumptious!

The satisfactory aspect about this french onion fowl casserole is that it takes little prep time. Actually, it takes minutes to throw collectively if your bird is already made. You can buy cooked, chopped chook, but i like to bake my hen earlier in the morning.

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